TruvehDev Production Update

Production state & Current job situation

As some already know, I have accepted a job offer at Nokavision Software B.V. and I am working really hard to be a valuable asset to the company.

End of May, Nokavision B.V. was bought by Canon Nederland N.V. and is very pleased with this. Both companies were convinced that this path is the right one to take and that this fusion of professionals will benefit both the companies.

(Dutch article)

I will be studying information technology at the Avans University of Applied Science until August 2021 on the side to be as valuable as possible to both the companies, this means that I will have less time to work on TruvehDev related projects. I hope that people understand how much is going on for me at this moment and that they will forgive me for not actively working on TruvehDev projects.

  • Nokavision Software B.V. has been bought by Canon Nederland N.V.

  • Contract signing by Nokavision and Canon Nederland

  • Canon Nederland N.V.


What can TruvehDev do for me?

More than you might think!

Not only do I work on my own projects that I publish on this website, but I also offer private services.

If you are interested in the TruvehDev services, make sure to check the Services page.

What can I do for TruvehDev?

How can I support?

By following TruvehDev on social media platforms and the official website, you are already helping a lot. Thanks to your effort, the community grows.

Waking up to posts on Twitter or Facebook about how happy people are, is stronger than any kind of coffee.


As a strong community

The only way that I can achieve greater goals and expand my reach with my creations is to build a strong and healthy community. It is the reason why I can surpass my previous works, my limits and the reason why I am constantly improving.

In the past, everything that I had created received support by the few followers that loved the work and really enjoyed the effort, which I would like to thank with all of my heart.

Community Goals

Does my work matter?

Does it affect other people?

I am always trying to include the most efficient ideas from both the community and myself in my work. With this way of working, I am trying to include as many ideas as possible straight from the community itself.

The Focus

What does TruvehDev develop?

The company focuses mainly on the development of software and games. It ranges from business applications to websites, all the way to RPG's.

The Website

Stay up to date with all the TruvehDev projects!

The official website is finally up and running. This is a great way for customers and followers to stay in touch with the company. The website offers you great insight into the production of games, public applications and other projects.

If you are interested in any kind of service, you can get in touch by making use of the contact page


Follow to stay up to date!

An easy way to stay in touch!

TruvehDev makes use of multiple social media websites to inform the public about the latest updates.

The bigger updates will be posted on the official website, but all the smaller ones will be posted on the social media websites.