Mt. Neverlast

The first official TruvehDev game is in the production phase!

As some already know, the game Mt. Neverlast is being produced and it is going very well so far.

So far, the base engine is done; the player can move and interact with its surroundings, the player is able to talk to NPCs in a basic manner, attack enemies and pick up items.

The player also (now) collides with the map, is able to walk behind certain tiles and other neccesary technical stuff that is not visible, yet of utmost importance, is (already) working.

The demo for the game will be posted on the official TruvehDev website, the Patreon page and when the Kickstarter page is created, it will be posted on there as well.

  • Dialogs, Developer Vision and Collision Detection

  • Attack Animations and functionality

  • Destructable Map Objects

  • Attack functionality in Developer Vision

All the tasks will be updated on this page

Tasks before the release of the demo
  • Researching the RPG genre
  • Create a Base Engine
  • Create a Loading-Screen
  • Create a Mainmenu-Screen
  • Create a Game-Screen
  • Create a Game Renderer
  • Create a Player
  • Create a working Physics Engine
  • Create an Input Handler
  • Create an Preferences Handler to save usersettings
  • Create a Map
  • Create a Collision Handler
  • Improve Engine
  • Add Vsync
  • Create an NPC
  • Create a Audio Handler
  • Create a Moving NPC
  • Create a Talking NPC
  • Create an Attacking NPC
  • Add Animations to the Player and NPCs
  • Create a Dialog window
  • Improving the Dialog system
  • Create a simple HUD
  • Add a Debug View
  • Add a Developer Mode
  • Create a Shadow Renderer
  • Improving the Art
  • Create an effect
  • Add more effects
  • Create an Asset Manager
  • Create an Map Object
  • Simplify the adding of Map Objects
  • Let the user interact with the Map Objects
  • Create Enemies
  • Make Guard NPCs and Enemies attack eachother
  • Make Enemies attack the Player
  • Make Enemies drop loot (Map Objects)
  • Create Spawners for Enemies and NPCs
  • Add quests
  • Add a quest log
  • Add weapon upgrades
  • Implement a screenshot method
  • Writing a story and other characters
(Planned Task - Started Task - Completed Task)


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Community Goals

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